Boba Fett Inspired R2-D2 Replica at MegaCon

Peter Greenstein built this working replica of R2-D2 with the Mandalorian armor color scheme mash-up of Boba Fett, including his cape and jetpack.

This R2-Fett model is named F9-H0 and was popular with the crowd at MegaCon.

Despite the rogue colors R2-D2 is of course still adorable. Scroll down to view photos and videos of this impressive model from Peter Greenstein.

Peter's daughter Hailey Greenstein and Anthony Daniels.

Daniel Logan

R2-D2/Fett seems content to get the seal of approval from Jeremy Bulloch.

BH-10806 David Rosen 

 Cosplayer LeeAnna Vamp

R2-D2/Fett with Roxy the Rancor

Lemmy the Luggabeast

Close up shots of F9-H0.

Pics from ThePropDen. 

Better view of the jetpack.

Video of R2-D2/Fett in action.

Here is a video captured by Victoria Schmidt (Scruffy Rebel) at MegaCon.

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