Adam Savage Meets Ray Guns and NASA Spacesuit Replicas

Adam Savage visited Ryan Nagata's workshop last month and got to see the amazing NASA Spacesuit replicas Ryan has been working on. He also got to learn about Ryan's collection of cool sci-fi ray gun replicas, including the one based off of WETA's Dr. Grordbort Righteous Bison. You can watch the ray gun collection video below and scroll down further to watch the video for the spacesuit replicas.

Ryan (Mr. Nagata on RPF) made this for the ray gun contest conducted by The RPF and Weta Workshop several years ago. It was made in the style of the Dr. Grordbort universe and judged by Greg Broadmore. Ryan won first place in the contest. 

Visit his website to see more of this works: You can follow him on Facebook here.

You can find more pictures and details of this ray gun on his website here.

Tested will continue to bring in more original content this year and will be offering expanded content for their Premium Members. Adam is also designing a special poster which will feature his original sketches of this year's incognito look. To learn more about Tested Premium Membership click here.

In this video Adam gets a tour of the workshop as Ryan explains how he organizes and utilizes his tools for costume and prop fabrication.

In the following in-depth video Adam and Ryan talk about the process of fabricating fake spacesuits, including fabric selection, sewing, building hardware, and weathering. Plus, Adam gets a surprise.

Ryan had built the Apollo A7L Spacesuit replica for Adam (that suit design was used on Apollo missions 11 through 14). And now he has been working on the Apollo A7LB Spacesuit (used for Apollo 15 to 17) which was modified thus allowing astronauts to sit in the Lunar Rovers.

Besides giving great insight on the spacesuits, one of the highlights in their conversation is when Ryan talks about how after sharing his work online led to collectors coming forward and offering him items and materials so he can use them as reference for his own replicas. Adam reiterates and gives emphasis on sharing and talking about one's work, which in turn brings people out who want to help you make it even more accurate.

Here are couple of great shots of Adam Savage wearing the Apollo A7L spacesuit.

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