AR500 Armor Builds Mandalorian Ballistic Armor

Body armor manufacturer AR500 Armor recently announced they would be collaborating with several industry leaders like Heckler & Koch, SOG Knives & Tools, SureFire, Team Wendy, Armasight, Trijicon, TEA Headset, Wilcox Industries Corp and artist Ryan B. Flowers to design ballistic armor based on the Mandalorian from the Star Wars universe. 

AR500 Armor shared these cool photos of their current prototype along with the following statement on Facebook.

"GalacTac Project. A special project that we have been working on with other industry leaders. We hope to see everyone at SHOT 2016 Booth #6605!

OutdoorHub mentioned that the suit was designed and built by Flowers, who is known in the airsoft circles for his custom Mandalorian armor. This suit of armor comes with custom AR500 ballistic plates along with various other parts from companies who are part of the project. The set includes the helmet with the T-shaped visor, chest and shoulder armor, gauntlets, and a cod piece.

There is no further information on the materials used for the amor, nor any info on its availability and cost. Flowers does sell the airsoft version of the armor on his website for $325 a piece.

Photos by Metalhead Photography

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