Artist Melissa Ng Creates Dreamer Regalia 3D Printed Cosplay Armor for Felicia Day

About 6 months ago artist Melissa Ng approached actress Felicia Day and asked her to model a full regalia of armor. The build was based on the elaborate designs of Ng’s Dreamer Masks & Jewelry series and was fully sponsored & printed by Shapeways. The result is a stunning work of art.

Melissa Ng explains what Dreamer Regalia is all about.

"The Dreamer Regalia symbolizes the protection for our dreams and is being created in honor of the Dreamer within each of us. The Dreamer that wants to give life to the imagination, make a difference, change things, push boundaries, and not conform to the status quo. The culture of creativity is constantly growing and branching out in new ways everyday. And the best part is we are all free to take part.

To reiterate my earlier point, by sharing my creative process, Shapeways and I hope this can inspire you to discover what dreams or ideas light you up and to give yourself room to appreciate your own personal creative journey.

If you have a creative dream/idea that you’re willing to lose sleep over, experiment with, make mistakes, obsess about, and constantly push yourself to expand your skills, then you may be already onto something."

On why she chose Felicia Day.

"When it comes to someone who has taken her imagination to amazing heights, I can think of no better person than Felicia Day. Day is an actress, author of New York Times Bestseller You’re Never Weird on the Internet (Almost), avid gamer, geek advocate, producer (Knights of Good), and entrepreneur (Geek and Sundry). She has appeared in numerous mainstream films and shows like “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” “Supernatural” and “Eureka.”

However, Day is best known for her work in the web video world. To name a few, she has co-starred in Joss Whedon’s Internet musical “Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog,” created and starred in the award winning web series “The Guild,” and wrote and starred in the Dragon Age web series “Dragon Age: Redemption.” Most recently, Day appeared in Alan Tudyk’s record-setting crowdfunded web series “Con Man” and will also be appearing in another record-setting crowdfunded series, “Mystery Science Theater 3000.”

Day encourages people, “Embrace your weird,” which is also a campaign to stop bullying. She fights for diversity in gaming, empowers women to be more proactive, always seeks new challenges, constantly breaks away from the norm, and empowers people to fight for their dreams. Shapeways and I believed Day was the perfect person for the Dreamer Regalia armor."

Visit her blog to read about her technical and creative process. Scroll down to view photos of the armor and watch the 7 part video series that covers the design process. You can follow her work on Facebook here.

Here are the key links as listed by Ng which covers the whole process of Dreamer Regalia Armor.

1. Part 1 - On lacking “proper artistic credentials” & 3D printing the Dreamer Regalia armor for actress Felicia Day (provides a project overview, armor design timelapses, and evolution of her art)

2. Part 2 - 228 hours later, the 3D printed Dreamer Regalia Armor for actress Felicia Day is finished! (covers painting, finishing, and finished armor preview)

3. Shapeways interview series where she shares her process in greater detail

4. Geek & Sundry photoshoot / video + her interview with them

5. Part 3 - Felicia Day / 3D printed Dreamer Regalia armor photoshoot + battling impostor syndrome (Project recap, final thoughts and response to the armor)

Video of Felicia Day wearing and modelling the Dreamer Regalia Armor for the Geek and Sundry photoshoot.

Photos of the completed armor from the Geek and Sundry photoshoot.

Here are the 7 videos covering the design process.

Video 1: Modeling the armor base shape and design in Blender

Video 2: Armor pattern doodle in ink pen

Video 3: Editing base design, adjusting armor to Felicia Day’s 3D scan, and beginning of pattern application (chest) in Blender

Video 4: Applying the pattern (chest & mantle)

Video 5: Applying the pattern (corset & skirt)

Video 6: Applying the pattern (vambraces & headpiece)

Video 7: Painting & finishing the 3D printed Dreamer Regalia Armor

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