Back to the Future 2 Nike Air Mag Replicas

Back in June attended The RPF Prop Party and showcase, a gathering of replica prop builders in southern California to share their projects. One of those projects was a pair of Nike Air Mag shoes from Back to the Future Part II, created by RPF member Brad Fyfe (Jedifyfe). Brad showed his shoe conversion project and a pair of official Air Mags that were auctioned off by Nike for charity.

Shot and Edited by Joey Fameli.

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The Nike Air Mag replicas remains a passion project for Brad and many other RPF members. And as explained in the above video, with help from fellow RPF members the existing conversion will be improved upon with better materials to make it more screen accurate.

Fans are still waiting for Nike to release the self lacing version of the Air Mag later this year. Hopefully it will be a regular release and not just limited edition again. Even a regular release of the accurate Nike Air Mag without power laces would be welcomed by most fans.

Check out the video below from 2013 where Brad talks in length about his Nike Air Mag replica versus the inaccuracies that are present in the existing replicas.

Also available are less-accurate (but just as fun) versions from

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