Biker Scout Helmet Project Auction - Over 30 Custom Helmets To Benefit Make-A-Wish UK

Biker Scout Helmet Project continues the tradition of fan-organized art helmet projects as artists come together to pool their skills and creativity all towards a worthy cause.

Several creative teams and individuals including RPF members participated in this project to create one-of-a-kind art pieces from a standard biker scout helmet. 

RPF member (Supa troop) Simon Graham spearheaded the project, along with the help and support of LucasFilm Ltd, Disney, Reed Pop, RS Studios, The RPF, BSHP staff and all the wonderful talented artists that gave their free time.

This amazing line up of helmets will be on display at Star Wars Celebration Europe London and will be auctioned after the show to benefit the Make-A-Wish Foundation in UK.

Visit the auction page which is now LIVE on eBay. It ends next week on July 22, 2016. The auction is open to all internatinal bidders and helmets will be shipped worldwide. Follow Biker Scout Helmet Project on Facebook and Twitter for more updates.

UPDATE: The auction has been relaunched and extended for another week as some of the prior helmet listings weren't accessible for international users. The auction now ends on Sunday, July 31.

Scroll down to view photos of all the custom Biker Scout Helmets. Click on the helmet titles to visit the individual auction pages.

100% of the retail price from sales of these Biker Scout Helmets will be donated by The Biker Scout Project to Make-A-Wish UK on behalf of Star Wars: Force for Change, an initiative that inspires people to make a positive impact on the world.

Watch the short video below to see how Make-A-Wish brings joy and helps champions like Oliver to get their wish. You can read more about it here.

Watch the video below to see Oliver in action as a Jedi Knight, fighting Darth Maul with the help of Obi-Wan Kenobi! 

When You Wish Upon a Star Wars by Simon Greenway

Simon Greenway of Sigma Arts is an airbrush artist, prop maker and sculptor. He has contributed two pieces to the project, Scout- The Biker Batch and When You Wish Upon a Star Wars, both inspired by his love of pop culture from his love of pop culture franchises from his childhood.

This custom Biker Scout Helmet has an airbrushed design using classic Disney Characters living in the Star Wars Universe.

Chimi Flippin Changas by Bolton University & Mr Fabrikations

The Special and Visual Effects degrees at the University of Bolton offer unique programs for students seeking to enter film, television and theatre. Some recent graduates have worked on films and TV shows like Doctor Who, Star Wars, Red Dwarf, Guardians of the Galaxy, Game of Thrones and more. Deadpool and Wolverine inspired members of the program to create their helmet, Chimi Flippin Changas.

This custom Biker Scout Helmet features everyone's favourite anti-hero DeadPool and comes with an awesome Helmet stand in the style of the Wolverine Claw. A must have item for any Star Wars or Marvel Fan.

Judge Endor by Darren Wildman

This custom Biker Scout Helmet by Darren Wildman is inspired by the 2000 AD law man Judge Dredd -  a stunning mix of 2 iconic characters.

Burgonet Scout by DB Props Shepperton Studios

db Props Ltd. is a prop making company based in the heart of the world famous Shepperton Studios, specializing in the design and fabrication of action props, models, miniatures and sets for television, film, advertising, exhibitions and displays. With over 30 years of experience in the industry they have designed, built or adapted almost every kind of prop or model.

This custom Biker Scout Helmet has been given the medieval touch and inspired by the Renaissance-era. This totally re-imagined helmet is hefty in weight and design.

BB-Scout Biker by Darren Wildman

Darren “Daz” Wildman is a tattooist, freelance airbrush artist and prop builder, known for his paintwork. Darren has worked within the prop and costume community for over 15 years.  supplying various props and services across many genres. His love for BB-8 inspired his helmet, BB-Scout.

This is a piece of exceptional work in the distinctive BB-8 colour scheme. This item comes complete with a Certificate of Endorsement by Christian Alzmann the original BB-8 designer.

Upgraded by Rob Taylor

A lifelong sci-fi fan, Rob’s prop making work began in 2004 and he has since created many replica props and costumes from a wide array of movies and television shows. He combines his love of Star Wars and Doctor Who in his helmet, entitled Upgraded.

This custom Biker Scout Helmet by Rob Taylor is inspired by the emotionless villains from Dr Who - the Cyber Men. This inspired build comes with a bespoke custom made stand and a Certificate of Endorsement by Colin Baker Dr Who.

Shogun Scout by Mark Johnston

Mark has been a huge fan of Star Wars, ninjas and samurai since he was a young boy. As an adult, Mark enjoys making props, building kits, and training in the Ninja and Samurai arts. Mark’s training in the Ninja and Samurai arts, are what led him to create the Shogun Scout helmet.

This custom Biker Scout Helmet by Mark Johnston has been designed around the Ancient Japanese Samurai Helmet. An awesome mix of the Orient whilst keeping the Star Wars look.

Howl's Moving Helmet by Northbrook College

Students working towards a Foundation Degree in Prop Making & Special Effects program at Northbrook College have collaborated to design and build their helmet, Howl’s Moving Helmet, inspired by the works of Studio Ghibli.

Inspired by the Ghibli Studios story Howels Moving Castle, this incredible piece will keep you looking for hours at all the hidden activities going on, every part of this design is completely hand made right down to the last roof.

Scout Lord by Lewis White (Blaidon Props)

Lewis White has been building props and costume pieces since he was 16 when he decided to pursue it as a career. After 7 years of hard work, Lewis has been lucky enough to work as a model maker for Marvel, Lucasfilm, and more. This background helped him create his helmet, Scout Lord.

This custom Biker Scout helmet has been designed by Blaidon Props. Inspired by the character Star Lord from the Guardians of the Galaxy, this incredible build looks as fantastic on the inside as it does on the outside. It uses parts taken from the moulds of the actual screen used Star Lord helmet.

Scout Hunter by Bryan Campbell

Bryan is a Dublin born prop maker and owner of Bryan’s Prop Shop who began prop making as a hobby following a horrific accident that left him unable to work. He discovered great passion for prop work—passion that he has channeled into his helmet, Scout Hunter.

This custom Biker Scout Helmet by Bryan Campbell from Bryan's Prop Shop has the Predator Touch! This has a full on display featuring a dismembered Biker Scout held aloft trophy style with a Predator Gauntlet that is full of working electronic lights.

Our Friends Are All Aboard by DC Props

Longtime collectors and costumers, the team at DC Props is dedicated to helping others achieve their costuming goals. Hailing from Liverpool, their yellow submarine helmet is a tribute to The Beatles.

This custom Biker Scout Helmet by DC PROPS was inspired by the Classic Beatles song Yellow Submarine. This fantastic helmet has the perfect mix of fun with a touch of the Galactic Empire.

The Mouth Of Endor by Thomas John Spanos

Thomas is an artist and longtime contributor to charity helmet projects, logo designer, and costumer specializing in the Star Wars Expanded Universe. Formerly the lead technical illustrator for the venerable Encyclopedia Britannica, he now works at Blue Ridge Sports Cars as a vintage automobile restorer.

Artist Thomas John Spanos is no stranger to charity helmet projects. He brings his talent and unique vision to the Biker Scout Helmet Project with his piece, “The Mouth of Endor.” As sinister as it is haunting, Thomas design echoes the Scout helmet silhouette while simultaneously becoming an entity all its own!

Law Enforcement by Clive Barzillia

A custom Biker Scout Helmet designed by Clive Barzilla and inspired by the traditional British Bobby.

Using authentic Police Badges with hand made protective shields, the item is then finished to a superb high gloss Police Blue.

Fly Casual by Phil Brown

Phil Brown is a lifelong Star Wars fan and model maker. After creating his first scratch built TIE Bomber from The Empire Strikes Back, he spent three years creating a studio scale Millennium Falcon model. Now he applies those same skills to his helmet, Fly Casual.

Apart from the helmet, every piece of this design has been hand made and painted to replicate the Imperial Shuttle. Complete with working landing lights it truly is stunning. This Helmet comes with a stand.

Cold War, Hot Jets by Andy Rodgers

Andy is a longtime prop maker who combined his two passions of Star Wars props and classic British jet aircraft to create his custom helmet, Cold War, Hot Jets.

This custom Biker Scout Helmet by Andy Rodgers is inspired by the fighter pilots from the cold war. This awesome authentically painted helmet comes complete with chest piece and will look stunning on display.

Chew Biker by Ian Sparrowhawk

Ian is a professional chef and costumer. Ian was born with one hand, but has ever let this hold him back from his work as a chef, member of the 501st legion, or prop builder. His passion as a Chewbacca costumer inspired his helmet, Chew Biker.

This custom Biker Scout Helmet has been created by Ian Sparrowhawk to show our favourite wookie Chewbacca in a Biker Scout disguise. Made with an Articulated Mouth and individually punched hair, this is a stunning addition to any Rebel or Empire fans collection.

AP Reaper by Sam Hubbard (AP Customs)

AP Custom Airbrushing is a team of artists specializing in custom paintwork. With over 20 years’ experience, their work can be seen at most bike shows and custom events.

Custom Biker Scout Helmet by top UK airbrush artist Sam Hubbard. Using the unique Harley Davidson Colours with classic pin striping for added effect. Rev-up the Harley and leave the Speeder biker at home!

Alienation by David J Crossley

The owner of Crossley Custom, Inc., David J Crossley is a retired tattoo artist and now a professional airbrush artist. He applied his airbrush talents to his custom helmet, Alienation.

Custom Biker Scout Helmet inspired by the Aliens of the Star Wars Universe. This Airbrushed helmet comes with a Certificate of endorsement by Mike Quinn.

50,000 No Less by Clothears Costumes

Clothears Costumes are a small group of costume makers based in the North West of England headed by Alison & Jude. Huge fans of the bounty hunter, Boushh, they have been building and upgrading their own Boushh since 2003. Their love for the character inspired their helmet, 50,000. No Less.

Custom Biker Scout Helmet inspired by the iconic image of Bounty Hunter Boushh. Fully working lights and usual Boushh helmet greeblies finished off expertly with real leather exterior.

A Little Short for a Scout Trooper by Tom Spina Designs

The talented crew at Tom Spina Designs have created dozens of Star Wars creatures and costumes for television commercials, web videos, and various official events. They’ve also prototyped authentic, life-sized Star Wars creations for Sideshow Collectibles. The company is perhaps best known for their work restoring original movie props and costumes.

Custom Biker Scout Helmet designed around a loveable Ewok bust and finished to the high standards you would expect from the studios of Tom Spina. This Helmet comes with a certificate of Endorsement by Warwick Davis.

Boy Scout by Suckface Studios

A custom Biker Scout Helmet design by Daren Jordon at Suckface Studios that Robert Baden Powell would be proud of. This fantastic helmet features real scout badges and patches rounded off with a flock style finish.

Scout - The Biker Batch by Simon Greenway

Simon Greenway of Sigma Arts is an airbrush artist, prop maker and sculptor. He has contributed two pieces to the project, Scout - The Biker Batch and When You Wish Upon a Star Wars, both inspired by his love of pop culture from his love of pop culture franchises from his childhood.

This custom Biker Scout Helmet was inspired by the movie Gremlins. This design perfectly catches the mischievous look of the Gremlin while keeping the iconic Biker Scout look. This Helmet comes with a certificate of Endorsement by Chris Walas, creator of the Gremlins.

Bad Habit by Shawn Mika

This Custom Biker Scout Helmet by Shawn Mika is inspired by 1950's Art Deco styling.

This inspirational and clever design hitches an F-4 Phantom on the head of a Nun giving her a Jet Powered Habit.

Endor Knievel by Red T-Shirt Designs

This custom Biker Scout Helmet by Red T-Shirt Designs is in the iconic Stars and Stripes design of the world famous daredevil, Evel Knievel.

This awesome design Celebrates the 50th Anniversary of the Legend that is Evel Knievel and the helmet comes with a Certificate of Endorsement from Kelly Knievel.

First Order Scout by JB Replicas

JB Replicas has been a full time prop maker for nearly a year, recently choosing to make his passion for prop making a career. His helmet, First Order Scout, takes inspiration from Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

This custom Biker Scout Helmet by JB Replicas is inspired by Star Wars: The Force Awakens. This is a fantastic custom build imagining how Biker Scout Troopers would look if they were part of the First Order.

Go For Help, Go! by Arturo Delgado

This custom Biker Scout Helmet by Arturo Delgado was designed and built to replicate every fan boys dream, The Scout Trooper Speeder Bike, replicated in every detail.

This helmet comes endorsed By Steve Sansweet, Chairman and President of Rancho Obi-Wan, a non-profit museum that houses the world's largest collection of Star Wars memorabilia.

Middle Earth Scout by Simon Windus

This custom Biker Scout Helmet by Simon Windus is inspired by J. R. R. Tolkien's Middle Earth character Sauron from Lord of the Rings.

Scout Berry by Scott Will

This custom Biker Scout Helmet by Scott Will is inspired by the 1970s USA Monster Breakfast Cereal Frankenberry. This delightful addition to the auction adds some light relief and fun!

NFL Scout by Eamonn Elders

This custom Biker Scout Helmet by Eamon Elders was inspired by the NFL. This fantastic nod to the sport of Gridiron is captured perfectly through the design for the scout helmet. This Helmet comes with Endorsement from Sam Jones aka Flash.

Concept Vader from Revenge of the Sith

This custom Biker Scout Helmet, Concept Vader - Revenge of the Sith is inspired by  the Ralph McQuarrie concept Vader with an added Biker Scout twist. 

Endo Scout by Mars Visions

Mars Visions is the collaborative work of artists Robb De Nicola and Michael Thomas; both have been creating artwork for over 17 years. The pair has participated in other high profile charity auctions including the As You Wish project at Star Wars Celebration VI.

This custom Biker Scout Helmet is inspired by the 80's BMX craze. It has been totally custom built using radical 80's colours but still keeping that iconic Biker Scout Trooper look. This helmet comes with a classic 80's style Trophy Helmet Stand. Biker Scout Helmet signed by Make-A-Wish UK Patron and F1 World Champion Jenson Button.

Wayne Industries: Advanced Pursuit by Order 66 Creatures and Effects

Order 66 Creatures and Effects is owned by Julian Checkley of Ireland. With experience in replica prop making and costuming from many franchises, Order 66 used a variety of techniques for their helmet, Advanced Pursuit.

This custom Biker Scout Helmet by Julian Checkley was inspired by the DC character Batman. This ultimate piece has working lights and removable parts to give it a truly stealthy look.

Fury Road Trooper by John Sloboda

John Sloboda is a graphic artist working and living out of Cleveland, OH, U.S.A. He is a life-long fan of just about all things sci-fi and horror, and his illustration work often reflects many of these passions.

This custom Biker Scout Helmet by John Sloboda is inspired by the movie franchise Mad Max and looks like it came straight from the dusty roads of the future.

The Martian Scout by FBFX Shepperton Studios

This is a custom Martian Scout Biker Scout helmet by FBFX Shepperton Studios.

FBFX have been working in the movie industry for a number of years, they have based their design on the suit they created for the Matt Damon movie The Martian. Using screen original parts and authentic lighting, it is a true replica of the original helmet with a Star Wars touch.

Here is a collage image with all 34 helmets.

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