Cosplay Repair Teams at Conventions

Lovejoynet Cosplay shared a photo of a girl from Costa Rica who helps cosplayers with their costume emergencies.

This led to others sharing names and photos of dedicated individuals who offer similar great services at other conventions for free. 

We have highlighted some of them below. Have you come across any cosplay rescuers at the Cons that you attended?

Here is Cosplay Rescue from Costa Rica.

Hannah Dunstan shared this photo of Captain Patch-it from Australia.

Kaika Hana shared this photo of Cosplay Medics from Manila in Philippines.

Miyaku Bor mentioned Jeremy Johnson helps cosplayers in the Midwest as Fix-it-Felix.

James Scollon shared his photo as Cosplay Repair Man in Scotland.

Pam Evangeline mentioned Brigada CosplAid, the group repairs costumes and conducts workshops for free in Mexico.

Wayne Dqn shared his photo as Cosplay Medic in Canada.

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