Designing Dol Guldur: Introducing Weta Workshop's 1:30 Scale Collectibles

Weta Workshop have been making statue collectibles in different scales for so many years. And now for the first time they are working on a whole new range of 1:30 scale dioramas and collectible figures, starting with the iconic Battle of Dol Guldur.

Besides making character statues and prop replicas, Weta also made great environment pieces from Lord of the Rings. (I am still hoping to add The Argonath piece in my collection someday). So I am glad they are looking into designing new diorama pieces from Middle Earth.

Now though The Hobbit films have cool designs, I am more interested with the scenes depicted in Lord of the Rings, as those moments are more memorable to me.

Check out the video below where the Weta team talk about creating characters in 1:30 scale, while giving us a glimpse at the early designs for Dol Guldur.

Weta is also looking for suggestions from fans for their next product. Visit the following page and post your Middle Earth wishlist in the comments.

(I like that scaled Ghostbusters Proton Pack displayed in the background, which is likely a custom piece. But would be great if Weta or some other company decided to make them)

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