Eerie Horror Transformation Effects From A Makeup Artist

SFX makeup artist Elly Supalo has been sharing her works online since last year. This includes face and body transformation effects; some of which are gory and horror in nature, while others are colorful, bizarre and at times amusing.

Check out the photos below to view her amazing make-up creations, followed by her tutorial videos.

You can follow EllyCatt on Instagram, on Facebook and Twitter.

NOTE: Some of these images are not for the squeamish.

Hand cuts and bruises

Werewolf Attack

Chelsea Grin / Joker inspired look.
"Let's Put A Smile On That Face"

Patient Zero - Infection look.

Zombie Elsa

Snorting pencils can be tricky.

Bloody Skeleton Hand

Hole in the Hand.

Big gash and bruise.

Burnt Skin

For a change: Regular Elsa

Stab Wound

Filthy Mudblood from Harry Potter.


Evil Clown: Twisty's Sister 

Hand Stitches

Pop Art Zombie

Anglerfish inspired look. Also seen in Finding Nemo

Face Stitches Patchwork

Monsters within / Fighting personal demons.

Evil Bunny
 "Why are you wearing that stupid bunny suit?"

Bones sticking out.
 "Why are you wearing that stupid man suit?"

Skeleton look.

Scary clown mouth

Colorful Skull

Pensive Zombie

Sally inspired look (The Nightmare Before Christmas)

Melting Ice Cream

Earth Day makeup

Colorful Zombie Skull. (Briefly kinda reminded me of Van Gogh's painting colors)

Another photo of the Anglerfish inspired look.

Here are the video tutorials by Elly Supalo.

Chelsea Grin Halloween Look

Patient Zero Halloween Makeup Tutorial

Werewolf Scratch Halloween Makeup Tutorial

Basic Zombie Makeup Tutorial

Pencil Through The Nose

How To Read A Book Through Your Hand

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