Ekko's Crystal Sword Replica from League of Legends

RPF member Sebastein (Squidbot Cosplay) recently built Ekko's crystal sword from the game League of Legends. The sword looks great and even more impressive when it's all lit up.

Check out photos and details on the build process below. You can visit his build thread here.

The handle of the sword was modeled in Solidworks, 3D printed, and assembled. The blade was cut out of MDF boards and vacuum formed so that way the lights inside would be seen. The vacuum formed plastic pieces were then painted with Tint-It spray to get a base color. Then it was painted with lot of thin washes to get the parts to look crystal. The handle was hand painted and weathered with various paints and coffee grounds.

Reference Image:

3D Model:

3D Printed parts plus the MDF blade:

Vacuum Formed plastic with paint:

All parts pre-assembly:

Assembled with lights pre-paint:

Completed sword:

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