Fully Functional M41A Pulse Rifle from Aliens

We won't know how Neill Blomkamp's Alien movie will pan out until 2018, but one thing we can be sure of is that his movie will feature badass weaponry.

And one fan favorite weapon that is likely to make an appearance again (perhaps just as a cameo) is the Pulse Rifle from Aliens. The above video has been making the rounds online since last year, but in light of the upcoming sequel we think it's a good time to revisit it. You can find more details and pictures of the gun below.

Lage Manufactueing MAX-41A: A combination submachinegun in 9mm and short barreled 12 gauge shotgun designed to resemble the M-41A Pulse Rifle from the movie Aliens.

Submachinegun component is a NFA registered SWD M-11/9 with an Anthony Smith style Suomi upper receiver. Magazine used is a Suomi "Coffin" magazine that holds 50 rounds of 9mm.

No modifications or alteration of the M-11/9 lower receiver is required.

Shotgun component is a NFA registered Remington 870 short barreled shotgun.

BATFE letter was obtained confirming this is a legal configuration, prior to manufacturing.


Ammunition Capacity, Subgun- 50 rounds 9mm

Ammunition Capacity, Shotgun- 3 rounds 12 gauge, 2-3/4" shells (2 in magazine, 1 in chamber)

Collapsible Stock

Red dot sight- powers on with insertion of magazine

Digital bullet counter- powers on with insertion of magazine

Weight- 18 pounds

Rate of Fire, 9mm- 800 RPM

Barrel length, 9mm- 14"

Barrel Length, Shotgun- 7-1/2"

Length, Stock Retracted- 24-3/4"

Length, Stock Extended- 33-1/2"

Width- 2-3/4"

Height- 11-1/2"


MAX-41A Shooting 9mm Tracer and 12 Ga. Tracer/Incendiary ammo.

Link to MAX-41A Webpage http://www.max-11.com/TopSecret.html

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