Great Scott! LEXUS Really Did Create a Working Hoverboard and Here's the Video Proof

As part of the "SLIDE Project," the testing phase of the Lexus Hoverboard has concluded with amazing footage featuring pro skateboarder Ross McGouran re-learning how to ride in a frictionless environment---and this time it's no joke. After 18 months, Lexus engineers have successfully produced a functional hoverboard that can even travel over water (sort of, watch the video).

The tech works by freezing a magnetic field in place to maintain a specific distance between board and the special surface. This has been achieved by cooling a superconducting material at -197 degrees using reservoirs of liquid nitrogen within the hoverboard. The strength of the magnets allows the rider to stand and even jump on the board without creating excessive friction from contact with the surface.

To maintain a "frozen" magnetic field, the hoverboard required a specially-built hoverpark in Barcelona that has 200 meters of custom magnetic track embedded in its surface.

Unfortunately, the hoverboard is not for sale, but let's consider this time-traveling promise fulfilled for 2015. Now we just need a self-adjusting auto-drying jacket.

Read more here about the making of the Lexus hoverboard and video. 

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