Half-Life 2 City Scanner Drone Replica

Valentin Demchenko from Russia has built a great looking replica of the City Scanner from the video game Half-Life 2. Scroll down to view the cool video and see the drone in action.

From the video description:

Made from scratch in a life-size copy of the drone City Scanner of computer game Half-Life 2. The length 80 cm, height 55 cm. The base frame for quadrocopters scheme is made of carbon fiber Profile 15X15 mm frame size 39 cm. Flight time 11 minutes.

The main materials used are: carbon fiber (carbon), expanded polystyrene.

Flight Controller DJI Naza-M Lite without gps, motors AX-2810Q-750KV Brushless Quadcopter Motor, Afro ESC 30Amp, three-bladed screws 9 "Battery: 3300mAh 4S 30C.

He did two months, not regularly, at home. Stable flies, almost like quadrocopters classical scheme, but still fly better in the absence of wind.

Video shot on the GoPro camera 3 of Black, mounted in Vegas Pro 13.0, no processing, no special effects were used.

Initially, the flash has been installed, but quickly burned out, had to put the effect of the game, but I plan to fix this problem in the near future, and set the camera to the video transmitter.

Thanks to everyone who appreciated my work and would like to hear suggestions about the idea of the next project, but it should be something even more unique, difficult and impossible, or have no interest will make this project should be a challenge, I really like, when they say: "It will not fly!", "It's not possible!"
Here is a making of video that shows some of the parts and build process. (Audio in Russian)

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