It Seems Snoke Definitely ISN'T Who We Thought In 'The Force Awakens'

(Warning: The following both discusses a popular and potentially SPOILER-ific 'Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens' fan theory, and might just debunk it. Proceed with whatever level of caution that suggests to you is wise.)

Now, with Star Wars Episode VIII still a horrifyingly distant year and a half away from hitting theaters, it's perhaps not overly surprising that we're still collectively a little preoccupied with Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens. After all, for as long as Rian Johnson's sequel remains a mist-bordered cinematic dream, it makes sense for us to cling greedily to the wonder of The Force Awakens, and to gently obsess over its hidden details. As it turns out, though, one of the most widespread of those collective obsessions might just have been comprehensively disproved. Y'see...

It Turns Out That Supreme Commander Snoke ISN'T Who We All Thought He Just Might Be
Supreme Leader Snoke in The Force Awakens!
Supreme Leader Snoke in The Force Awakens!

Specifically, it seems that Snoke is not, in fact, Darth Plagueis — whose apprentice, Emperor Palpatine, you can see convincing Anakin Skywalker of the power of the Dark Side in the clip below:

Yup, that's right — despite months of increasingly sophisticated fan theorizing, it looks as though Supreme Commander Snoke is officially not a somehow still alive Darth Plagueis, the Sith master of Darth Sidious (a.k.a. the man who would become Emperor Palpatine). With thousands of fans having grown increasingly convinced of Snoke's Plagueis-shaped heritage, though, that's sure to be a controversial suggestion. Except, perhaps, for the fact that...

The Head of Lucasfilm's Star Wars Story Group Just Confirmed That Snoke Isn't Darth Plagueis

Which, with the man in question — Pablo Hidalgo — being pretty much the world's preeminent continuity expert when it comes to Star Wars, is seemingly pretty darned conclusive. As he recently revealed when asked about the possibility of Plagueis secretly turning out to be Snoke, Hidalgo noted that there was a pretty big problem with the theory — one revealed all the way back in Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith:

"His apprentice killed him...Sidious killed Plagueis. Ascending to master. As is the way of the Sith...He killed him. Killed. As in 'to kill'. Like, there was killing."

Adding, when pressed by an incredulous fan:

"He is dead. There you go. Three words."

Or, in other words? Darth Plagueis is, in the words of the man who likely knows more about Star Wars than anyone else in the world, dead as a doornail.

Which means we should probably all start working on a new theory for just who the heck Snoke is. We haven't seen Lando in a while, for one thing.

What do you think, though?

Is Snoke Darth Plagueis?

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