J.K. Simmons Is Jacked for Commissioner Gordon Role in JUSTICE LEAGUE

J.K. Simmons was recently seen sporting the traditional Commissioner Gordon moustache during the LA Greek Film Festival.  

While the photo below via Twitter shows the actor's new facial hair for the role, some recent photos of him are the making the rounds online that shows the 61 year old Simmons being totally ripped for the part. This is the first time the character will be seen having such a built-up physique in a movie. Scroll down to view the images.

Justice League is currently filming and will be released in two parts, with the first one hitting theatres on November 17, 2017 and second on June 14, 2019.

Aaron Williamson, a U.S. Marine/celebrity fitness trainer shared this photo on Instagram 5 days ago, while the other two photos were posted over a month ago.

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