Jurassic Park Costume Group

On the occasion of his friend's going away party, RPF member AJ LoCascio (Mooniteman) and his friends dressed up in Jurassic Park costumes. The results are the following rad and fun photos with all being in character.

Check out his thread for more pictures and details on the costumes here.

So for my friends going away party (Jurassic Parting) we wanted to surprise her with some fairly accurate (and absurd) Jurassic Park costumes to accompany her spot-on resemblance to Laura Dern. We were not going for 100% - just close enough & fun.

I assembled and organized most of the group from things at thrift shops around LA and I made a few things as well. We also borrowed a JP jeep as part of the surprise from a nice fellow who runs the JP Motor Pool named Ari. Swell guy!



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