Life Size Star Wars Imperial AT-ST Walker

A life size Star Wars Imperial AT-ST Walker was spotted few months ago by Imgur user mrkernish. The engineer (who wished to remain anonymous) gave mrkernish a tour of the scout walker, including its interiors.

He mentioned that the scout walker was mostly made from timber, plastic and bits of scrap metal. And he used most of the available information on the web to built it as accurate as possible.

Scroll down to view photos and videos of this stellar and humongous creation. Next stop: AT-AT.

Fans on the back are solar powered and do indeed spin around.

Lot of attention to detail went inside the cockpit.

This is on the top of the scout walker.

This is after closing the shutters and turning the lights off.

This plate was custom made and is meant to be the one from Return of the Jedi, specifically the walker taken by Chewbacca.

The scout walker has wired speakers with shooting sound effects. Check out the video below to hear them.

The laser cannons and side weapon pods outside the walker also move. Watch the video to see them in action.

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