LOGAN'S RUN Reboot Moving Forward with Colony Writer Ryan Condal

Warner Bros. is reviving the Logan's Run reboot and Colony co-creator, showrunner Ryan Condal is now attached to write the new script. Condal is also a long time RPF member.

Condal's screenplay will be based on a treatment by Simon Kinberg, who will be producing along with Joel Silver and DC television universe producer Greg Berlanti.

Silver has been trying to get the movie going at WB for the last two decades. Various filmmakers were involved through the years including Bryan Singer & Christopher McQuarrie, Joseph Kosinski, Carl Erik Rinsch & screenwriter Alex Garland and Nicolas Winding Refn (his version was going to star Ryan Gosling and Rose Byrne).

Instead of being a remake of the 1976 film, this reboot would be a fresh take on the 1967 novel by William F. Nolan and George Clayton Johnson. 

Logan's Run depicts a dystopian future society that survives by killing off anyone over 21 (aged up to 30 in the first film). The story follows the actions of Logan 5, as he runs from society's lethal demand.

Though there have been various concepts under consideration, Condal has signed on to expand on Kinberg’s treatment which is a version WB is currently happy with.

Ryan Condal is co-creator and executive producer of USA Network’s Colony, which has been renewed for a second season and will return in early 2017. Condal is also working with his Colony co-creator Carlton Cuse on rewriting the script for Rampage, an adaptation of the arcade game about giant monsters destroying cities directed by San Andreas helmer Brad Peyton and set to star Dwayne Johnson.

Source: Deadline

Watch the trailer for 1976 film below.

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