Netflix Daredevil Costume

RPF member TJ McDonnell along with help from fellow RPF members got lot of the details right to screen match his costume pieces, which has resulted in this impressive Daredevil costume. And he designed it so that the suit is practical enough to do stage combat and stunts.

His original post below describes as to how he assembled his costume.

I started this project the night the Netflix show premiered. With a lot of help from guys on the RPF I was able to find the right shoes, gloves and even billy clubs. The mask is the licensed one being sold on Amazon with some mods. The buckles are 3D printed. The pants, top and vest are all made out of "wicking" spandex. The black sections on the collar bones, deltoids, forearms and shins are leather. It's designed and made so I can do stunts and theatrical combat in it.

Scroll down to see more pics. And if you are looking for that licensed Daredevil mask you can order it here.

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