OUTATIME - Saving the DeLorean Time Machine Documentary Screenings

The screen used DeLorean Time Machine (the A car) from Back to the Future has a new home at Petersen Automotive Museum in LA. 

With the exception of BTTF fans and people who are aware of the car's dire state in the last decade, most visitors who see the displayed DeLorean wouldn't realize the amount of effort that went in to give the beloved car its current pristine condition. That's where the documentary OUTATIME: Saving the DeLorean Time Machine comes in and it's an important chapter in movie prop history that will be enjoyed and appreciated by BTTF fans, car enthusiasts, and movie prop lovers.

OUTATIME is the feature length version of the 20 minute featurette that was on the BTTF 30th Anniversary Blu-ray set. Check out the trailer for the film below and scroll down to read more about the upcoming screenings in LA.

Here is a quote from Bob Gale who was involved throughout the film and gave OUTATIME his personal seal of approval. 

"OUTATIME is, at its core, a wonderful love story, depicting the devotion of our fans to our movie trilogy, as represented by what is arguably the most famous movie car of all time."

The DeLorean Time Machine from 'Back to the Future' is the most famous movie car in the world. But after decades of harsh weather, souvenir hunters, and wild animals - this cinema icon seemed destined for the junkyard. OUTATIME chronicles the efforts of Bob Gale (Writer, Producer of BTTF), Universal Studios, and the film's dedicated fan community as they work together to bring this cinema icon back to life. Visit the official website for more details: http://www.outatimemovie.com/

Screening Details:

OUTATIME will be screened on Saturday, June 11 at "Dances with Films" film festival in Los Angeles. OUTATIME will be shown at the Chinese 6 Theatres, which is a part of the world famous TCL Chinese Theater. Producer and Restoration Team Leader Joe Walser & director Steve Concotelli will be there answering questions after the film. This will be the Hollywood premiere for the movie. Tickets are on sale here.

The film will have a release party on July 9th at the Petersen Automotive Museum in LA (where the restored Time Machine is on display). Fans will have the rare opportunity to watch OUTATIME, with the fully restored Time Machine in the same room. It's a chance to meet the director & the restoration team. This event is free. Click here for details.

I got to see the restored DeLorean Time Machine up close during my visit to Universal Studios in 2014 and briefly again last year during We're Going Back in October 2015. During the same BTTF event I caught the screening for OUTATIME which is wonderfully directed by Steve Concotelli. By the end, the movie not only got me little emotional but made me realize the extent of hard work undertaken by the Restoration Team. I have been involved in promoting the Time Machine Restoration project online, but until I saw the movie I couldn't truly fathom the intricacy that was involved.

Joe Walser, Terry Matalas and all members of the Restoration Team dedicated more than a year's time to painstakingly restore the DeLorean to its former glory. Words like crazy and insane gets mentioned sometimes in the film, and rightfully so.

Joe Walser who is a stickler for accuracy spearheaded the restoration project. There are moments in the film where we realize how much attention was given to each and every part of the car. Even if some interior part is not likely to be seen by anybody, its look and build had to match the way it was originally in 1985 and Joe made sure they did their best to match those details down accurately as humanly possible. (Only way they can improve it further is if they can actually time travel to the 80s to procure the parts). Every member on the Restoration Team who is an expert in their field also offer some great insight to their work process and what kept them going during this long journey. 

Bob Gale was a crucial part of this project who guided the team throughout the process. He got Universal Studios on-board to let Joe and his team take over this monumental task. Back to the Future fans are grateful that Bob Gale is still actively involved with the franchise, who is always keeping the fanbase in mind, be it overseeing BTTF products or continuing the legacy of the brand by Saving the DeLorean Time Machine.

If you are in LA be sure to catch the screening of OUTATIME. It gets released on July 19, 2016.

Here is the poster for the film.

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