Reebok Stompers From ALIENS To Be Released on 'Alien Day'

Reebok Alien Stompers, the shoes worn by Sigourney Weaver in the 1980s classic Aliens is making a comeback, reports THR.

Fox studios will be unveiling a new line of Alien related merchandise to be released on April 26 which is being promoted as Alien Day akin to Star Wars Day (May 4) (or May 25) and Back to the Future Day (October 21). (The date is connected to the planet known as LV-426, the planet which is key to Alien lore.)

UPDATE: Click here for more new info and photos.

More details are as follows:

Reebok is releasing an exact replica of the Alien high-top Stompers worn by Weaver as Ellen Ripley. Also being released is the mid-top version worn by Lance Henriksen as the android Bishop. The movie sneakers will be available beginning April 26 at and select Reebok stores worldwide.

The Stompers hold a unique place in the movies. The shoes were made by the company specifically for the James Cameron film and became, along with Back to the Future’s Nike Air Mag, one of cinema’s famous footwear.

Reebok released the version of the shoe a year after the movie opened, but only for a limited time. The shoes have enjoyed a revival in recent years, with cosplayers making their own versions and while certain shops made their own custom versions.

Most iterations of the shoes were not the high-top model but the mid-top, making the new shoes faithful to what was seen on screen.

Here are the shoes worn by Bishop. (Source: Asphalt Gold)

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