Sideshow to Release Breaking Bad Walter White Life-Size Bust by Supacraft

Sideshow Collectibles will be releasing this life-size bust of Walter White (Heisenberg) made by the company Supacraft. Scroll down to view the photos of this stunning bust bearing the likeness of Bryan Cranston from Breaking Bad.

Price: $1,399.99 . Payment Plan available at $315.00 per month.

Breaking Bad Fans and afficionados of high-end collectibles rejoice! Supacraft proudly presents the Walter White Life-Size Bust with an incredible likeness of Bryan Cranston as seen in the groundbreaking TV series!

With Breaking Bad being one of the most beloved and critically acclaimed TV series in history, Supacraft created a life-size collectible that is worthy of honoring the show's legacy! Made of high-quality resin, this hand-finished and hand-painted bust is painstakingly detailed, from even the smallest wrinkles, veins and pores, right down to the hair stubble on Walter's shaven head. The lifelike glass eyes add to the realism, as well as the artificial hair used for the beard and eyebrows.

Walter also wears real, foldable glasses with a metal frame and his fabric shirt has been custom-taylored exclusively for this bust. Both are based on the actual shirts and glasses he has worn in the course of the series. The bust rests on an plain, elegant base with matte black finishing and Breaking Bad logo and Walter White name print.

Don't miss your chance to own this limited bust and make it a centerpiece of your collection!

What's in the Box?

    Hand-finished and hand-painted resin bust
    Black base with Breaking Bad Logo and Walter White name print
    Real fabric, custom-tailored shirt
    Glass eyes
    Artificial hair (beard and eyebrows)
    Real foldable glasses with metal frame
    Limited, hand-numbered edition
    Certificate of authenticity
    Full-color cardboard packaging with foam interior

Product Details

Expected to Ship: Oct 2016 - Dec 2016
Product Size: 21.25" H (539.75mm) x 14.57" W (370.08mm) x 11.81" L (299.97mm)
Product Weight: 16.55 lbs (7.51 kg)

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