STAR WARS Ice Sculptures include Vader, Han Solo and more

This year the international Ice Sculpture Festival in Liège, Belgium is proud to announce a world first: its own unique interpretation of Star Wars ! Never before has the fantasy world of Star Wars been reproduced in the medium of ice – more than 1,500 square meters of it.

A select group of 30 professional artists from 12 different countries have the mission to create the universe of Star Wars out of 500 tons of in 4 weeks of time. The treasure-trove of ice sculptures, which vary in height from 2 to 6 meters, are on display in giant ecologically heat-insulated marquee with an area of 8.000 m³.

Discover this extraordinary exhibition, wander through the dazzling intergalactic decorations for which Star Wars is so famous, and meet the most well-loved characters created by Lucasfilm since 1977.

Ice Star Wars takes you on an unforgettable odyssey through the world of snow and ice, without doubt, the coolest day trip of the year. But don’t forget to keep your gloves and woolly hat close at hand: the temperature in the ice box is a constant minus six degrees centigrade.

May the Force be with you !

The exhibition opened last week and runs through January 31, 2016.

Source: io9 , Ice Star Wars  

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