Sugru- Moldable Glue


Pronounced 'sue-gru', Sugru is a 'moldable glue' made from silicone.

  • sticks to fired ceramics/glass (forms Si-O bonds)
  • does not need to be fired itself
  • does not shrink (more useful than it sounds initially)
  • it's rubbery, so can protect from shocks/knocks
  • it's soft, so does not scratch stuff
  • thermally insulating (up to ~180C)
  • sticks other things like metal and plastic.
  • has a high 'green strength' - so does not run
  • is pH neutral, so will not corrode the surface 
  • comes in lots of colors (which can be mixed) - so a bit more creative than just Epoxy Putty.
  • is waterproof

It seems as if Sugru could have some great prop and costume making applications! Get yours HERE

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