Wearable Steel Infinity Gauntlet Replica

Allan Carey (TYPE 40) has built this articulated, steel Infinity Gauntlet which was worn by the Marvel character Thanos. Check out photos of this glorious glove below.

Here is little more info on its built, which comes with a leather gauntlet insert.

Stainless steel, medieval hourglass gauntlet base, which is combat ready. Cast mild steel gem settings and glass cabachon gems. 

The base gauntlet has been titanium nitride coated with 99% pure titanium and 1% pure gold, giving it it's high shine , lustre and a surface hardness greater than that of tool steel and drill bits. It will basically last for ever. It's heavy.

Here is a video which shows the gauntlet before the colored gems were inserted.

Video of the completed Infinity Gauntlet, while Allan channels Titus Andromedon's Peeno Noir dance number.

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